About Us


Tekobotanica was founded in Venice, California during the height of the pandemic. We are blessed to see something beautiful blossom out of hard times.

The idea for our startup came to be when we thought of all the people stuck at home. Many were not able to leave at all stuck in a 4 barren walls with no nature around. Many people became stressed staring at screens all day. Many even felt very isolated with no one around.  

This is where we saw a need for desk plants. We chose air plants since they are easy to care for and are easy to ship with no dirt to worry about. 

After we saw success with our first product, the "Air Plant Pyramid" we expanded the line. We got creative with the designs and build many different shapes and sizes to help our customers get creative with botanical designs at home.

Tekobotanica is now a favorite plant and stand for many people trying to bring a bit of life into a home. Shop our botanical art here.